Saturday, July 31, 2010

In Honor of My Anniversary, A Short Story About a Ring

Eleven years ago today, on what some may remember as the hottest day on earth, I walked down a pier and in front of family, friends, {and strangers watching from the boats on the bay} promised for richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and health and sealed it with an "I DO".  

We exchanged the rings, mine a solid gold band and his a platinum ring with two gold stripes in the middle and were pronounced Mr & Mrs.  

For 10 1/2 years those rings never came off.  Well except for the occasional cleaning, working on cars, or baking bread {rings + dough = sticky mess}.  In the winter hubby's would get loose as his fingers would shrink, but he would always realize it and find it right away.  But, when he started shrinking too the ring became even more loose, leading to more slipping off and a couple close calls of finding the ring.  I'm sure you can see where I'm going.

This past February, his ring slipped off and was nowhere to be found.  He had went grocery shopping that day {Yes, he is a keeper} so he traced his steps from when he knew he had it, went back to the store, checked parking lots, combed over his car, searched the house up and down, but it was gone.  He felt horrible, I felt sad, but what could we do?

We remained optimistic that it would turn up, but after a month or so started to give up hope.  For his birthday in March I looked at rings to replace it, but I just couldn't find any that I liked and the ones I did were completely out of my budget.  So no new ring for his birthday.  

We both got accustomed to his bare hands and life moved on.

Skip to a few weeks ago...
Remember my recycling area in the house?
Well the other day I grabbed some of the bags to pack snacks for the beach when something medal fell out of one, onto the floor.  Dylan said, "Look Mommy, one of your rings."  But it wasn't one of my rings.

Oh yes, it was Dave's wedding ring in all it's glory!
We took a picture on my cell phone and sent it to him to surprise him.

He was as thrilled as I was to say the least. 

Evidently when he had put the groceries away that day long ago, it must have slipped into a bag.  Thankfully he put the bags in the recyclable area and not the trash.  The ring must have fell towards the bottom so we didn't find it all these months.

So today, on our 11th Anniversary, the rings are both where they belong.
All is again right with the world.
Our hands proudly displaying our love and commitment to each other.
Here's to many more years of them continuing to do so!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow

Today was gonna be the day.  
The day I sat down and wrote some blog posts. 

I have a notebook full of ideas, pictures to include, stories to tell.  I could probably make you smile or laugh, nothing to cry about though.  

But, then I stepped outside.
I smelled fresh cut lawn, heard the birds singing, felt the cool breeze blow on my skin and all my good blogging intentions flew out the window.

So now I'm packing the picnic basket.  The kids and I are hopping on our bikes and going off to explore.  We'll have a picnic, maybe play a game of mini-golf, perhaps take a walk on the beach.  Wherever our bikes take us, we will go.  

It's a gorgeous day outside and we can't let it go to waste, not even for blogging!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You Know You Live At The Beach...

when the carwash man comes to tell you that he won't make any promises that he can get your car completely clean because "ma'am you have a beach in the back of your truck."

Ummm. Yeah. So we do seem to bring quite a bit of sand home from the beach when we go.  But, what do you expect.  We live at the beach.  We like sand! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It started out simple enough.
I just wanted a nice picture of Dave and I on the beach for the 4th of July.

On the first snap, Popeye made an appearance.

Then the children began encroaching on our space.

So I decided to roll with the flow and turn our couple picture into a nice family picture on the beach.

That's when it all broke loose.
It started with Dave.
Of course you can see that Dylan wasn't far behind with his rabbit ears.

Then when the kiddos found out daddy was being silly, they had to get in on the action too.

Dave was proud of himself and thought it was hilarious.
You can see that I was NOT amused! {well maybe just a little}

Then daddy made the announcement that it was now time to get serious.

Umm. Yeah. So I guess I was the only one who, you know, took his announcement SERIOUSLY!  {Look at my purty smile}

Take million and two and you can see that Dyl has a hard time stopping the goofiness once it has began.

Example #2 of Dyl and not being able to stop.

So this was pretty much as good as it got.

Not too shabby if you ignore the straight up my nose shot, Dave's smushed face, and Dyl's botoxed eyebrows.  Of course miss photogenic looks beautiful with her hair blowing in the breeze as she gazes at the camera!

Thank goodness my mom was there to try her hand at controlling my family.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Where Oh Where Has Summer Gone?

I can't believe that it is the middle of July already!
We have been busy here at the beach trying to fill the minutes of summer with fun.  

In the 34 days since school let out...
  • Zoe participated in her biggest dance recital yet 
  • She also performed a dance and got to accompany Ms. Rehoboth Beach on stage during her evening wear competition for Miss Delaware. 
  • Dylan earned his first tennis medal after playing his best matches ever. 
  • The kids and I took a trip to North Carolina with grandpa where we ate watermelons and dove in the pool.

  • We decided to participate in our own Deadliest Catch and have been spending many of Dave's days off on the boat crabbing. 

  • We've gone fishing {You should see all of those big ones that got away!} on the boat.

  • Took Max on his first surf fishing trip too {even bigger ones got away!}

  • Of course we've hung out at the beach.

  • eating our popcorn

  • One night we took the Bethany Beach trolley into town, waving at the people we passed.
  • Another night we spent at the Rehoboth boardwalk racing horses. {Mommy saved the day winning one to bring home, I just have to add!!}

  • Both nights we got to enjoy live entertainment at the bandstands while enjoying our boardwalk treats. Yummm.
  • We have spent numerous days at pools and waterparks with friends having a blast,
  • watched movies outside on big screens, and
  • had sleepovers with friends.
  • We've attended birthday parties, bbq's, and dinner's out with family and friends.
  • I got to see Eclipse with girlfriends on a last minute rendezvous.
  • While the kids enjoyed that last Shrek and Toy Story to ever be.
  • We've been taking lots of bike rides on our comfy Schwinn's, but still have to fight for parking at the beach. {Just look at that big ol' comfy seat that is all mine...I can ride for hours and not walk funny at all!}

  • We have consumed gallons of ice cream, snowcones, and gelato. 
  • Had sweet corn on the cob for dinner multiple times in a week.
  • Then there have also been the naps here and there.  Oh they are so lovely!

  • And we can't forget how we celebrated the 4th of July with more crabs, a bbq, fireworks, and a parade.

I could go on and on, but that would mean that writing this post and sharing these pictures would be interfering with some kind of family fun.  I can't have that!

So yeah, we have had quite the adventures this summer,
with many more waiting to be encountered.

Hope your summer vacation is being filled with family adventures too.
What are some memories you have been making??

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Own Tennis Star

Dylan is my computer, video game, lego playing boy and when it comes to sports he doesn't show that much interest.  That hasn't stopped us from searching for one he may enjoy though.  We've tried karate, soccer, swimming, and our latest is tennis.  

Over the winter he attended a Quickstart Tennis clinic where the instruction involved using Nerf type balls to teach the tennis techniques and be able to make contact.  They follow pretty much the same tennis rules except for a shorter court and an easier scoring system.  Dylan really seemed to pick up on it easily and looked forward to tennis lessons each week.

Then in the spring he was invited to play on a USTA quickstart team where he played doubles and singles matches.  He had a blast!  Here are some pictures of his team and the medal ceremony.

So this summer he is attending a tennis camp for a week and then will start back on the league in the summer.  Of course Grandma Cindy is thrilled as tennis is her thing so she is looking forward to having somebody to play with here at the beach!  

We may have a sports star on our hands after all!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Clown College IS College I Suppose

The other day my mom and I took the kiddos to see Toy Story 3.  I had heard great things about the movie and well, Toy Story was a Pixar fave of mine {love Mr. Potato Head and the T-Rex} so I was pretty excited to see it myself.  I wasn't disappointed either.  There were some hilarious one-liners and quite a few scenes that made me laugh aloud.  Definitely a fantastic family movie!

But, really I'm not here to write a review. Rather I'm writing to share the interesting conversation I had with Dylan and Zoe that was brought about from the movie.

First a little background info.
Today is cleaning day.
I thought why not take a lesson from Andy's mom so I asked the kids if while they were cleaning they wanted to sort their toys into trash, attic, and giveaway piles.  Of course they weren't having any of that. 

Dylan's response was, "But mom we're not going to college...not yet anyways."  Now Zoe has been saying for quite awhile how she is always going to live with me, so she was quite concerned with the idea of going away to college.  She got a thoughtful look on her face and asked if she HAD to go to college.  I told her no she didn't have to and before I could add my mommy speech about how her life will probably be better if she does, Dylan chimed in. 

Here's the conversation that came next:

Dylan: You don't have to go to college, but if you don't then you won't get any cool jobs.  You will have to be a grocery store worker or something like that.  But, if you go to college you can be a firefighter, an engineer, an inventor, or...a clown.
Zoe: Oh, I want to be a clown!  I could join the circus.

Me:  Clown college??
Zoe: Noooo.  I want to go to trapeze college.  I want to learn how to swing on those huge swings in the air.  But I hope they don't have a big person try to grab on my arms when I am hanging upside down because then I may slip and fall.
Dylan: They have nets for that so you will be fine.  I'm going to go to college to be an engineer, or maybe an inventor.  Oh no.  I want to be a rocker!  I could play the guitar and be in a band. 

Every mother's dream right here.
One child in the circus and another in a rock band.

What do your kids want to be when they grow up??

Friday, July 2, 2010

Zoe's Dance Recital

So I'm a little behind on sharing pictures from this month on the blog.  Since summer vacation began we've been running around like mad which has been awesome, but has definitely put a crimp on my blogging time.   

I'm going way back with these pictures to the beginning of the month when Zoe had her dance recital.  This year was a big {and very looong if you ask her daddy or brother} recital as she participated in a ballet, jazz, and tap performance.  I'm always a proud momma when I watch her dance.  She has come so far in her 4 years of dancing.  She loves the stage!!

Every dancer deserves a bit ol' cup of cotton candy ice cream, right??!!

I just noticed that these pictures are actually perfect timing as her costumes are very 4th of July-ish...yeah, I totally meant to do that!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Mama Kat is a favorite of mine and every week she hosts Writer's Workshop where she gives you some prompts, you choose one to write about, and then link up to share.  She has some terrific prompts and I frequently say how I'm going to participate this week, but then I never quite get there.  I even have some in my drafts that never made it to the blog {I'm not giving up on them though hopefully they will be making a published appearance soon}.

This week though I'm doing it.
I chose my prompt, wrote the draft, and I'm hitting publish.

The prompt I chose:
10 Things That Put a Smile on My Face When I'm Not Happy
{yes, I chose the list one...anybody can publish a list, right?} 

  1. My kids hugs!  Both of them show affection often and will surprise me with hugs, kisses, and cuddles.
  2. A motorcycle ride with my husband.  There is something so freeing riding on the back of a bike with your hair blowing in the wind.
  3. Sharing conversations over a delicious dinner with friends.
  4. A big vase full of flowers in bright colors!
  5. Chocolate. Duh! 
  6. A day at the beach, listening to the waves crash and watching the dolphins swim by.
  7. An evening bike ride to the boardwalk to enjoy ice cream with the family.
  8. Shopping.  For shoes or purses, not clothes because clothes shopping stresses me out, but shoes and purses ALWAYS fit!
  9. Watching or listening to my kids playing peacefully together.
  10. Being surrounded with people who I love and who I know love me! 
Your turn.
What makes you smile??

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