Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Thought I Had Time

I'm always curious to hear about Zoe's day when I pick her up from daycare. Some kid always does something shocking like hits another friend, or takes a toy, or says a potty word that Zoe is always eager to share. Oh and there is always the days when she tells me her friend was sick and threw up everywhere in the hearing those stories.

But, I was not prepared when she got in the car the other day and right off the bat asks me if I had my belly button pierced. I asked her why she was asking and she told me that one of her friends mom's just got her belly button pierced and she was talking about it at school. Well then. I did answer her question and some of you may be surprised to hear this too, but yes, I told her, I used to have my belly button pierced. I went on to tell her that I took it out when I was pregnant with Dylan, then under my breath finished the sentence saying how now instead of a cute little hoop I have stretch mark decorating my tummy.

Zoe was quiet for a couple seconds after our conversation, but then...
"Mommy, can I get my belly button pierced?"

I thought for sure I had a few years to go before I had to deal with that question.
Needless to say she was pretty disappointed when I explained that she had to be at least 18 to get her belly button pierced so she had some waiting ahead of her.

Have your kids ever surprised you by asking a question earlier than you expected?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Building Blocks

As part of my one word resolution, my goal is to spend more time playing with the kids. Getting down on their level and doing what they enjoy doing.

Zoe enjoys building things with blocks so we spent some time building blocks. My instructions were to follow her, so every time she put a block on I had to put the same one on. I don't know where she gets her bossiness from, or her need for symmetry either??

After many trials we finally created a piece that was perfect in her eyes.

As we're sitting around admiring the blockwork, I asked her what it was. Of course I was expecting the castle, or city building, or church, but nope,
are you ready for this...
it was a


Yes, it's official, we have lived in Delaware, chicken capital of the world, for way too long!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Is God Angry at the People of Haiti?

One of my favorite things about kids is how they just say things the way they see them.

The other day Dylan and I were on our way home from school listening to the news about Haiti. It was a few days after the horrific earthquake and the news was not good at all. After listening to the report Dylan made the comment, "Wow mom, God must really be angry with the people in Haiti."

Silence. How do you respond to that?

In his eyes, God allowed that earthquake to happen as a consequence for their actions. Pretty deep thinking for a 9 year old.

Rather than dwelling on the idea that God was punishing the people I steered the conversation down the path that perhaps He was trying to teach people like us a lesson. Here we are sitting in our solid homes, pretty healthy, wearing comfy clothes, while eating three meals and multiple snacks. Maybe the earthquake was OUR wake-up call to help those more unfortunate than ourselves.

Society today is all about gimme, gimme and maybe we needed something this devastating for us to see that it isn't all about us and what we want, but all about others and how we can help.

Not that I would ever wish this much tragedy on any person, community, country, but unfortunately what happened, happened so now it's time for us to pick up the pieces and help them move on.

It seems like every which way you turn people are trying to help. Churches, schools, organizations, even individuals are all raising money, collecting supplies, and sending volunteers to help. People are coming together to make a difference.

Even though we don't always know the why, God is in control and there is always a rhyme to His reason!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Somebody kill the bug, please!

I have had this nasty cough, headache, body ache bug thing since Christmas and I just can't seem to shake it. It went away for a few days, but at the end of this past week came back full force. It's wearing me down!

Today has been a completely lazy day as I have barely left the couch. I did manage to get a shower in so at least I wouldn't be a smelly, sick person. My hope was a shower would leave me feeling refreshed, but no such luck. Feeling another nap coming on...

On the upside though, hubby is making me some homemade onion soup for dinner and the house smells divine. His french onion soup always makes being sick a little more manageable!

What's your go to comfort food when you are sick??

Monday, January 11, 2010

One Word Resolution

My one word New Year Resolution is:

Last year, especially towards the end, I found myself overwhelmed with anxiety leading to a very short fuse, extreme grumpiness, and flat out unhappiness. I know my misery was also extending to my family, friends, and students. I didn't enjoy being around myself so why would anybody else enjoy being around me.

With the start of the New Year though comes that wonderful idea that you can begin anew with a fresh, clean start. This year, I'm determined to learn how to
RELAX. Many of the things I was worrying about was out of my control...there was nothing I could do to change certain circumstances. Other than plowing ahead it was what it was.

So with my New Years resolution comes the thinking that I have to just let it all go, let it roll off, and realize that the things which I cannot control are not worth worrying about.

Instead I am going to RELAX, enjoy life, and be thankful for all that I have. My house may not always be clean, the laundry may not always be done, the blog may not have a current post up, I may not make the homemade goodies for every class party, or volunteer for everything, everywhere, but it's all good.

I WILL spend more time with my family and friends, take some time for myself, and enjoy the life that is in front of me rather than watching it go by.

My motto for 2010:

Just relax because it is what it is!!

**I got this one word resolution idea from one of my blog reads, but for the life of me I cannot find it. If you are the one who gave me the idea please let me know so I can link up to your post!!

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Show

Zoe participated in a Christmas Show with her Pre-school class where they performed "All I Want For Christmas." I have to say that they were the hit of the night!! In case you can't figure it out she is the blondie on the left with the polka-dotted skirt. I apologize ahead of time if my video taping makes you a bit seasickish, I couldn't stop laughing.

Monday, January 4, 2010

When is Spring Break Again?

While you all are reading this post I will be in the classroom with 20 exhausted students.

Being off for 2 weeks has been awesome. I've enjoyed sleeping in, staying in pj's, taking naps, visiting with family, learning/practicing knitting, and eating all the yummy vacation food...oh yeah and celebrating Christmas and New Years.

Now it is back to the blackboard, well actually SMARTboard, but you get my drift. Today will be one loooong day. One in which I will be begging for a nap before lunch I'm sure. On the flip side it will be nice to get back to a routine, be forced to get dressed, listen to my students Christmas stories, and begin to enlighten their minds.

Remind me again though...when is spring break???
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