Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday - Flower Beds

A couple weeks ago I decided to tackle my flower weed beds in the front yard. I have two at the end of our driveway and one big wraparound one by my house. You wouldn't believe the kinds of weeds I can grow. So I grabbed my gloves, a big trash can, a kneeboard, a bottle water, and my camera of course to get it done.

Here are the before:

Here are the after:

I guess really this is only part one...now I have to plant some flowers and mulch to finish it. Maybe I'll get it done in time for next week's tackle.

So what did you tackle this week?


  1. I'm so jealous that you live close enough to the beach that you have sand in your garden.

  2. wanna come do mine?!? ha ha.

    I'm going to tackle the bathroom today... I hate cleaning bathrooms.

  3. Looks great! I haven't even thought about looking to see what needs to be done outside.
    I want to buy some ferns to hang on my front porch. But, the birds love to get in them.

    Have fun planting the flowers!

  4. You go girl. We moved to new construction last year and we are still waiting for the mud digging to end so we can grow some grass!
    Also super cute boy. I love red heads.

  5. It looks so great! That's a tackle that you can definitely appreciate every time you drive up to your house.

  6. Wow. I bet you just smile everytime you see that now :) It looks fantastic!

  7. more power to you! We on the other hand have no yard yet to have to weed.. thank God! My biggest tackle is the closet with my tupperware in it! Yikes!

  8. Lots of Chocolate blogs in my reader and your weeding Mel don't you have a job:} Hope you are enjoying your summer- the yard looks great! And PS DD looks like a doll in her dance coustume- can't wait for my little ballerina to look that cute!

  9. Good job - looks great! I always seem to leave the outside for after I get everything inside done, so...I never get out there to do it!!

  10. My Tuesday Tackle, which will end up being Wednesday, Thursday, to whenever are trying to get our bills condensed! LOL


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