Friday, August 10, 2012

My Latest Pinterest Interest

When Pinterest first made it's appearance I must admit that I didn't get it.  My inability to understand everybody's crazed addiction kind of reminded me of wayback when I exposed myself as being Facebook Illiterate.  Pinterest debuted, my friends raved, peer pressure won, I jumped, and promptly sank.  I was overwhelmed with all the images and after a day or two just gave up.

Then this summer I had a bit free time (you know, the time when you should be doing laundry or sweeping or dusting...) and thought I'd give it another shot.  Well my pinterest addicted friends will be happy to know that I am no longer overwhelmed.  Well perhaps overwhelmed with all these ideas brimming.

So far I've used pinterest to antique my corner cabinet, clean the rings in my toilets, stop my feet from getting blisters from my fabulous shoes, make a delicious peach cobbler, create homemade gifts for people, decorate my house (for real and in my dreams), and fantasize about places I can't wait to visit one day.  Yes, I'm hooked.

My latest pinterest is all about getting back to school ideas. 
And oh am I looking forward to fall. Just check out my Fall Fun board. Oh yeah. Bring it on!
Plus I now have a hankering to host a Halloween party because of all the spooktacular pins I've seen.
Then of course it's the most wonderful time of the year and now it's even more wonderful with gift ideas, recipes, and decorations.  Can't wait!!!

Are you a pinterest addict?
No?  Then why not????

Oh by the way, I'd love to see what you are pinning so follow me on Pinterest.
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