Friday, May 4, 2012

Is the House Burning Down? Or Is Somebody Just Cooking?

Really, Dave and I are pretty decent cooks.  Ok, ok, he is pretty decent cook.  I'm really  more of a pretty good recipe follower. 

No matter what though, neither one of us are big burners. In the 13 years we've been married I can't think of one time we've burned dinner.  Okay there was that time that I left the rice on the burner for so long that all the water evaporated and...I digress.

Anyways...our smoke detectors tell a different story.
The darn thing is constantly going off.  Practically every time you open our oven the wailing begins.
Even after thoroughly cleaning the oven (and boy did it look good) the smoke detector still goes off.  There is never even smoke.  I swear it must go off by smell. It can smell that we are baking.

I often wonder what my neighbors must think.

The first couple times it did it, the kids would come running from wherever they were and ask if they should go outside.  A couple times they even ran directly outside.  But as time has gone on, and the smoke detector has gone off, they pretty  much tune it out now.

This made me think..
What if there was a real fire sometime?
Would we listen to the wailing and escape?
Or would we tune it out as just being another cooking adventure?

Skip forward to the other night.
Dave and Zoe were downstairs doing homework, Dyl was in the shower, and I had just sat down in the bathroom (go figure) when all of a sudden the smoke detectors in the whole house started going off.  For a split second, it seemed we all ignored it until we realized that nobody was cooking. Dinner was finished and we had even had carryout that night so had not even used the oven.  We became a bit concerned and began walking through the house checking on everything.  Everything seemed okay and after a minute or so the house became quiet again as the detectors went silent.

We still aren't quite sure what set it off.
But, at least we know that yes, we should be ok evacuating our house in the event a real fire.

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