Monday, January 2, 2012

2011. A Picture Recap.

So I had big plans to do a nice photo recap of 2011, but like 2011, that recap went out the window. 

I actually started the recap post yesterday when I began looking through all the pictures from last year.  What I discovered was I barely took pictures. Well except for the summer.  Lots of fun pictures there.  You sure can tell my favorite season according to the number of photos taken in certain months.

Anyhow, after getting them organized yesterday, I spent most of this morning choosing pictures and getting them ready for upload.  I started the upload and then went off to get hair cuts, grocery shop, and drop off our Christmas tree at the recycle place. When I got home I sat down to see they had all uploaded and was ready to work. Then I hit a key.

They all disappeared.

Gone. In a flash.

Waiting another few hours to upload them again was not an option.
Thankfully I could still access them through Picasa since they had uploaded already, but it would still take way to long to move them to Blogger.  So I problem solved.  Now instead of a very long post with lots of pictures, you will get a short post with lots of pictures. I present you with The Tuttle's 2011, collage style...

So you may need a magnifying glass but gosh darn it, my picture recap is done.

I'd love to do my usual link up to of my favorite posts from each month, but considering September through November only contained two posts, I think I'm going to skip that this year.

Two new things to add to my 12 in 2012 (post coming soon)...
  1. Take more pictures!
  2. Write more posts!
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