Sunday, September 4

Sunday Stars {9-4-11}

You would think as a teacher I'd be pretty good with encouraging responsibility, but when it come to chores around the house I consistently fail.  I've tried computer charts, magnetic charts, with money, without money, but after about, hmmm, 2 days things fall apart.  I love Amy's idea of using popsicle sticks to get the jobs done and I may just mix it with her screen time tickets too cause that would totally motivate my kiddos.  Oh and there will absolutely be a "mommy chore choice" stick.  Love THAT!

Back to school time really puts a snafu into my blogging time.  It's hard to find time to get the content out there and knowing that content is king makes it a  bit stressful.  I enjoyed this post about "How to Write a Blog Post in 15 Minutes".  Great tips to managing my blog while going back to work!

This summer I installed the StumbleUpon toolbar and have been stumbling my way around with it.  Reading StumbleUpon in Five Steps made it much clearer how the whole thing works and how I should be making it work.  By the way I'd love to have some more people to stumble with so check me out on StumbleUpon.

If you are a married mom then this Letter to the Husbands is for you.  I could totally relate to everything.  Maybe I should print it out and leave it lying around the house for my hubby to find. 
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