Friday, July 1, 2011

VBS Encourages Date Night

Every summer I tell myself that I'm going to enroll the kids in a local VBS.  We have three churches within walking distance.  All who hold a summer VBS.  It shouldn't be that difficult.  But inevitably the VBS is held when we have friends in town or the one busy week we have all summer.

This year my parents were helping at the VBS at their church and asked if they could register the kiddos.  They would pick them up and drop them off each night so other than making sure they were fed and clothed properly {not in their bathing suit which is our normal summer attire} for VBS I didn't have to do anything else. 

So this week was VBS.  Each of the kids had to miss at least one night due to swim or gymnastic committments, but Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday they both went. 

Which means Dave and I were left alone.  By ourselves. Nobody to take care of.
That can only mean one thing. {Unfortunately for Dave it was not that one thing} but rather...

Tuesday we actually all ate dinner together before VBS so our alone time was spent running some errands.  I know, so exciting.  But, it was nice to actually just ride in a quiet car together and get some things done.  We actually were in search of those toothpick umbrella's that you get in those frozen, fruity drinks and let me tell you they are not easy to find.  After every beach store on the boardwalk, drugstores, and grocery stores, Dave finally found some. 

Wednesday was much more exciting as we explored a new sushi restaurant in town.  We sat at the sushi bar and ate and talked and ate and talked. The atmosphere was fun, the sushi was delicious, the company the highlight of the night!

Then last night we got to go out to dinner again {two nights in a row!} as we joined a group of friends for a local tweet up to celebrate Mashable's Social Media Day.  I so enjoy tweetups because it gives me the opportunity to meet people who I otherwise probably would not encounter in my day to day doings. The great thing about hanging out with tweeps is that they always have something to say so the conversation is never lagging.  VBS was right around the corner so after the tweetup we picked up the kids and ended the night with ice cream cones. 

So now I'm a firm believer in VBS.
The kids learn about God and your marriage thrives.
It's a win-win.

Oh and did I mention it's FREE.  As in FREE babysitting!

I will now be making my kids attendance in VBS a priority.
After researching every church in a 10-mile radius around my house I do believe that I can schedule it so that my kids can attend a VBS every week until they return to school.  Some of them even feed them dinner!

Do your children attend VBS in the summer?
What do you do while they are there?
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