Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Stars {7-24-11}

One week from today, Dave and I will be celebrating our 12th anniversary. In honor of that awesome occasion I thought I'd share this old favorite about how Love is a Verb.  Great read.

Are you addicted to social media?  Here are 60 signs you are addicted to social media and Twitter. Um. Yeah. So apparently I'm addicted!

With August around the corner comes the inevitable talk of back to school.  I enjoyed reading this teachers post on What do I Want as a Teacher?  I hope, too, that what I do is making an impact on my students life and maybe one day one of them will run into me and confirm that I did, indeed, make a difference in their life.

I think I've gotten every single one of these 5 PR Requests that Drive me Insane.  I usually reply right back with my canned response of thanks for reaching out to me and here are my rates. 
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