Monday, June 27, 2011

What Did Moms Do Before Smartphones?

If you look around the pool deck at my sons swim practices you will see mom after mom either typing or talking on their smartphones.  Look around the waiting room at my daughters gymnastics practice and you'll see the same thing.

Makes me think.
What did mom's do while they were at their kids sport or extracurricular activities before our phones got so smart?

During the week I'm waiting for my kids at swim or gymnastics about 16 hours.  That's a lot of time just sitting around.  But thanks to my Droid I fill the hours making appointments, returning phone calls, answering emails, scheduling in my calendar, twittering, facebooking, reading blogs and surfing the web.

On the chance my inbox is cleared, there aren't any calls to return, and I'm not feeling my social media {yeah, right!} then I always have my Nook with a book ready to go.  I love being a 21st century mom!

What do you do while you are waiting for your child{ren}?
{Please don't tell me how you use your Ipad or tablet though because I've been feeling very jealous lately of those toys and am badly desiring one of my own.}
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