Sunday, May 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We bid sunny Florida goodbye early Saturday morning and started making the trek north back to Delaware.  Sixteen hours later we arrived back home.

Our pup and kitty were thrilled to have us home.  We were greeted with sloppy kisses and lots of meowing.  Gotta say that we were all pretty happy to see them too. Well at least for the first five minutes, then was mildly annoyed when all we wanted to do was stretch out in bed and they wanted to play and be pet!

The foot long grass and empty fridge? Well they weren't so welcoming.

Today we will settle back in to reality.  
Grocery shopping, laundry, mowing, checking book bags, packing lunches, and all that other fun stuff that is our life.

I cannot believe that today is MAY 1.  May.  Already! Where is this year going?
The good news is that there is light on the horizon.  A light that will be getting brighter and brighter in the coming days.

Summer Vacation is only 29 school days away!!!
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