Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You Can Do Anything For One Day

That is my motto for tomorrow {or today if you are reading this on Thursday}.

Thursday is the last school day before spring vacation.  Oh how we need this spring vacation!  Our spring vacation is always tied into Easter weekend and with Easter being so late this year, so is our spring vacation.  
The kids are ready.  
The teachers are ready. 
The weather is even getting ready.

It's been quite the week at school too with progress reports going home, science testing, and me trying to get my district teacher of the year application turned in before vacation.  Oh and you know that big, beautiful moon that everybody has been admiring?  Well it provides not so beautiful results in a classroom, let me tell you!  Add it to the warm weather fooling children into thinking summer is around the corner and the fact that spring vacation truly is around the corner and let the fun begin.  

Today I will be staying strong.  Like I said. You can do anything for one day...right?!
I've been saving up all our celebrations from the past trimester just for today.  I figured if my students were going to be on vacation already, we may as well party like we were!  We are celebrating our recognition of being a Master Classroom in Accelerated Math and Model Classroom in Accelerated Reading with a picnic outside of pizza and ice cream along with extra recess.  Plus we get a treat from the principals for outstanding reading.  I love being able to celebrate my students hard work.  They will definitely leave for spring vacation in fantastic moods and maybe with a slight sugar high {but everybody deserves an extra treat now and then, right?}.

Then when we get back the BIG countdown begins.
The countdown to summer vacation!!
Bring it on.
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