Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I could really live without Valentine's Day. 
It just doesn't do much for me. 

Yes, I'm happily married.
Yes, I have two wonderful kids.
Yes, I love all three of them and enjoy showing them my love.
But I don't need a National Holiday for me to do this.
I don't need cards, or candy, or flowers to show my love or to feel loved. 

Today my Valentine's Day will be pretty low key.
I did make some yummy cupcakes with pink and red sprinkles for my students because any excuse to make {and eat} cupcakes works for me, but my day will follow the usual Monday routine.  School all day, then in a meeting after school, then to the gym with Zoe for her team practice, and finally home to where I have a crockpot dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans ready to enjoy with the family.  We may have a few cupcakes left over for dessert too!

Now I will confess that Dave and I do have a bag of goodies for the kids.  It was actually more Dave than me filling it up!  It's always fun to give gifts, but again I don't need a holiday for me to spoil my kiddos. I have a horrible habit of doing that anyways!

What about you? How will you be celebrating Valentine's Day??
Do you do it with a bang or more low key like my family?
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