Saturday, February 13, 2010

Special K Challenge (part two)

After receiving my box of goodies and deciding to go ahead and attempt the Special K challenge, I figured I better read up a little on what exactly the challenge was.  I knew there was cereal involved which was fine by me because honestly I could eat cereal for all three meals a day.  I know, I know, that is not at all healthy since it misses out on the food groups, but just saying that I could. 

So I figured that the best place to find the skinny, pun intended, on the challenge was to head to Special K. That's where I found the instructions.  Seemed simple enough:
  • Breakfast: Cereal and fruit, protein shake, or waffles 
  • Lunch: Same choices as breakfast or a protein meal bar 
  • Dinner:  A regular dinner (I assumed they meant a normal, healthy dinner, not a buffet with unlimited dessert)
  • Snacks: 2 anytime throughout the day, snack bars, fruit crisps, cereal bar, protein water mix, or crackers (you can also enjoy fruits and veggies)
 Well thanks to what I had received from my package I was ready to start the next day.  
  • For breakfast I went with the cereal, milk, and a banana.  I chose the Special K red berries cereal which was delicious. I was leery about dried fruit in my cereal, but when the milk hit them I was amazed at how yummy the strawberries were.  
  • Lunch was another bowl of cereal and milk. This time I tried the Special K granola and loved it too.  It was very crunchy, slightly sweet, and made me feel like I was eating something filling.  
  • Then for my two snacks I had the fruit crisps in the morning and an apple in the afternoon. I have to tell you that the fruit crisps became my absolute favorite Special K product.  Think better-for-you Pop Tart.  I don't know how Kellogg's did it, but somehow they made the fruit crisps so crisp that when you take them out of the package they are like PopTarts after they have been toasted, which is exactly how I prefer them.  Delicious!!  
  • For dinner I ate with the family.  Since hubby and I are both online Weight Watcher subscribers our meals are pretty point friendly to begin with so I figured I was okay with our regular dinner meals.  

Pretty great first day on the challenge.  Honestly, I was not hungry at all which was surprising because sometimes when I eat cereal I do get hungry before lunch time.  However, knowing I had two snacks available made it easier because I planned to just eat one while my students had their snacks and then save the other for the horrible snack attack I always get around 3pm. It worked!  I felt satisfied all day and was looking forward to trying it again the next day.

As I said earlier, I am a Weight Watchers subscriber and still tracked while participating in the challenge.  The challenge fit perfectly with my Weight Watchers program as most of the products kept me within my daily allowance points.  My dinners continued to be Weight Watcher's friendly as I completed the challenge.

Disclosure: I received Special K products to taste test, but chose to complete the Special K challenge on my own.  I am not receiving any monetary or product compensation for posting about my experience.

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