Friday, February 19, 2010

Look in the Past to Plan the Future

When the new year rolls around (yes, I do realize it's February, but go with it, ok?) I, like millions of others, focus on the resolutions. The other day I remembered that last year I had set some blog goals so I thought it may be fun to go back and actually see if I met any of them.

Here were my 2009 Blog Resolutions:

  • Attempt to post daily providing me with an "out" and hopefully sparking conversations with you all. So I seemed to do just fine with this for most of the year, that is until I started the school year switching grades for the first time in 5 years.  I averaged between 27-48 posts from January to August.  September was when I fizzled out, with my lowest month ever of only 7 posts.  From then until last month my average was in the teens.  So I guess I did so-so that goal.
  • By writing thought provoking and entertaining posts earn more readers. It would be fantastic to hit the 300 subscriber mark by the end of 2009. I actually met this goal with 350-some subscribers now.  That is awesome!!  As far as the thought provoking and entertaining posts, I guess you my readers will have to be the judge of that.
  • Attend at least 1 blogger conference. I would love to attend Blissdom09 and/or BlogHer. Yeah, this was a big fat FAIL!  With the wonderful economy there just wasn't enough money to rationalize me attending a conference.  I am thrilled to say though that this year I am already signed up for 3 conferences.  I'll be attending Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore in the beginning of March, then FitBloggin10 in Baltimore the end of March, and (are you ready for this!!!), BLOGHER in NYC in August.  The great thing is that all three conferences are local so I don't have to pay for airfare which makes it much easier for me to afford.  I can't wait to meet some new bloggers and put faces with my fave blogs. *I'm looking for sponsors for the conferences so email me if you are interested*
  • Get my feet wet with some advertising on the blog. Thanks to Uprinting, SkinRx, Savvy Source, and Amazon Affiliates, I have gotten my feet wet.  Of course there is always room to grow here. *If you're interested in advertising over there on my sidebar, email me. I promise great rates!*

  • Find a happy medium between the blogosphere and real life!! (This is probably going to be my hardest). Definitely the hardest because I do remember times during the summer that I was frustrated with myself because I seemed to be letting the summer slip by as I sat behind the screen.  Slowly I think I got it more under control.  Then when school started it took a 180 as it seem like I was dealing so much with real life that blogging was left by the wayside.  I think this is one goal that honestly will always be a work in progress.  Life is all about juggling, sometimes all the balls seem to be in sync and other times they hit you on the head and all fall at your feet.  That's when you have to pick them up and toss them in the air and begin the act again.  It's all good!

So not too shabby considering my hiatus for the end of last year.  I'm pretty proud of all I accomplished with my box of chocolates and excited to see where this year will take me and my blog.

Do you set goals for your blog or website? Have you taken the time to go back and look to see which ones you have met and which ones are still a work in progress?


  1. It sounds like you did really well with all your goals. I really wanted to go to a blog conference last year too but I just felt to new at blogging to spend money on it. This year I am trying to get past my hang-ups and go for it. Bloggy Bootcamp and BlogHer here I come...and I'll see you there!

  2. I'm super impressed with how well you did! I am a new blogger and have a major internal conflict going on in my head between quantity and quality. If you can find a way to have both (which you honestly have), then you are doing something right! I love your site, keep up all the good work!


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