Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Hype with Skype

After hearing people talk about Skype on their blogs, twitter, and facebook I was curious.  I wanted to know what the hype about Skype was all about.  So I did what every techie person would do, I downloaded the software and set up an account. 

I made sure my speakers, microphone, and video worked just like it asked.  I even played with my webcam a bit and had it take my profile picture (only because I had just gotten out of the shower so my hair was clean and I was actually wearing something other than pj's).  I entered some profile info and soon it told me that I was ready to call some people.

Then it hit me.  I don't have any people.  I don't have anybody to skype with.  So I immediately started thinking about everybody I know who may be techie enough to have a Skype account and stalked searched them out on the directory.  I was pretty pleased to find a few familiar names and quickly sent them a sweet message asking them to be my Skype friend.

And that's where I am people.  Waiting anxiously patiently for people to be my Skype pal.  I haven't yet figured out what I'll do if they do say yes.  Guess I'll have to rethink staying in pj's all day just in case somebody calls my computer.

I do think Skype would be a great way for the kiddos to talk to their grandparents who live away from us and I may even be able to get my sis-in-law to set it up so I can talk to my niece and nephew in North Carolina.  That would be fun. 

How about you, do you Skype?
How do you find it useful?


  1. My Syping is limited, but my brother was the King of Skype! He worked in Afghanistan for almost a year and he and my SIL Skyped twice daily. Beats e-mails. When my mom passed away, we had a small private gathering and planted a tree in her memory. My brother Skyed his wife and son in Cali because they couldn't be here and they got to take part in the day. It was pretty cool.

  2. We started using Skype several months ago, when my husband was "living" four hours away before we moved. It kept the kids connected to him. Now we use it to talk to their grandparents :)

  3. Just got a new netbook with a webcam. So now I can skype. I haven't taken the time to figure it out yet. I would love to skype with you though.

  4. I use Skype for business accountability calls, biz brainstorming, webinars and instant messaging (no web cam). I love it because I can wear my cordless headphones too (THE best ever!)

    Feel free to add me as a friend

    ang newton (no space)

  5. We use skype to talk to our friends who live overseas. Although the computer we usually use skype on does not have a webcam, which I kind of like because then you don't have to think about how you look :)

  6. I love to Skype, I don't get to use it often. We use it for grandparents mostly. And we have saved money since it doesn't cost us long distance on our phone. But my girls have friends they Skype with to show a new toy or when we are trapped in the house for days because of snow. The kids dance and sing songs to each other (I call it a virtual play-date).

  7. I love Skype. It's open at all times. I usually just text chat, but it's nice if you need to hop on the phone with someone occasionally. I'm jo-lynne-musings if you didn't already find me.


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