Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Yeah, I'm still weighing in.
Even though I haven't been "weighing in" about it here.

I admit that I've been avoiding the whole weight conversation. I'm very frustrated with myself right now and I just can't seem to find the words to express how I'm feeling. Since joining Team Black in the Sisterhood's new challenge I've actually gained weight. I'm up 2lb since the beginning of the challenge. That's absolutely ridiculous. To be completely fair to myself I have lost some, but then those pounds seemed to find me again and I'm back to square one.

The thing is, I know what my problem is.
One word: motivation.
I'm so lacking it lately.
I'm not counting points, not running, not using my EA Active or Wii Fit, and yet I weigh in and complain about what I'm seeing. It's like I expect results when I'm not doing anything to earn them. I even said something to Dave the other day about feeling fat and his response was "well why don't you lose some more weight. " I've been so slack lately that he didn't even realize that I was still trying to lose some more.

You would think that after losing 40+ pounds, I would know where to go next. But, I think the problem is that losing those forty-some pounds wasn't that difficult for me. I knew what I had to do and did it. The pounds just sort of came off. Now I'm not saying it was easy by any means. I completely changed my eating habits and had to make tough choices like turning away chocolate here and there, but I did it and I saw results. However, I've been within 10lb of my goal weight now for over a year. On one side I'm pretty proud of that because it shows that I have made lifestyle changes that have allowed me to maintain, but on the other hand I'm frustrated because I came so far and can't get over the last bump.

I've had many people tell me that maybe this is just where my body is meant to be, but I don't believe it. I am on the very top end of the healhty BMI range and body weight for my height. There is definitely not a concern that I'm too skinny! I'm not ready to quit.

So for all of my fellow weight watchin people I'm asking you for some advice. Have you been where I am now? What did you do to get out of the rut? How did you find your motivation? I am all ears and open to anything you have to say.


  1. Sorry - I can't help because I am feeling the EXACT same way. Frustrated I'm not losing, but no motivation to do anything to lose weight. I've already had to readjust my goal for the challenge to make it realistic and now the new goal isn't realistic for the one week we have left! Hope you can get out of your rut soon!

  2. If you find your motivation...please ask it to help find mine too!

  3. right now i'm 5 pounds away from my goal - and i keep doing stupid crap to ruin it.

    you should, however, continue to be active. working out isn't just a weight loss tool, its a great way to get your heart healthy.

  4. I've totally been where you are Mel!! The key really is motivation. what about sitting down and really thinking about why you want your goal to be what you set it for and what the benefit will be. Would it make another size difference in clothing? Would it help you to get a cute top or something in a smaller size to work toward fitting in? Or what if you get a really cool reward when you hit goal? I think it's helpful to have a visual incentive at this point - something you can look at every day.

    Or maybe work back into everything gradually. Start with just Wii Fit one week. Then after a week or 2, try running again, but don't worry about tracking points while you get back into those habits. Then work that in. Or the other way around - start by counting points next week, but don't worry about the exercise yet. Baby steps!!

    Sorry for all the babbling! Don't know if any of that was helpful. Are you still going to WW meetings? I found it to be very helpful in getting motivation back to go sit through some meetings even if not weighing in.

    You CAN do it girl!!! :)

  5. I am so impressed by the 40 pound loss, that I am going to be of absolutely NO HELP to you whatsoever - I love, love, love that you have done it and kept it off ... that is such an amazing accomplishment!!! That being said, I think Lisa hit the nail on the head - as soon as you are really able to decipher WHY you are wanting to lose that last ten pounds, and unfortunately I don't think wanting to get to a "goal weight" is enough to motivate you at this point, you will be able to pull out your amazing tools and make it happen!!

    That being said, this time around I can't get to where you were to lose the first 40, so take all I say with a grain of salt!!!

    Hang in there, thanks for the fish information, and keep on enjoying this beautiful summer we are finally having!!

  6. we go. Are you ready for it? Did you ever think that maybe your body needs a tiny break? Losing weight is not hard, keeping the motivation to do so is. It's terribly hard. So, you've lost motivation. I'm giving it back to you (hopefully) right now.

    So, you've taken a break. That's fine. Break's over. I'm challenging you to try something new in the work out area. I don't care what it is, just try it. Also, you have to remember that the last ten pounds are vanity pounds. And there's nothing wrong with that, but if you want them off, you must get back to counting your points. That's an order. ;o)

    Now that I'm done being Jillian, I can go back to being April and tell you that I KNOW you can do this. :o)

  7. I am in the same frustrated stage that you are. My story is slightly different. I reached the bottom of my weight scale but bounced back up 15 pounds. I run and workout at least 6 days a week but it won't budge and that frustrates me. I lost all fo my weight before working out. Now that I workout, I don't seem to know how much to eat. I'd say to you maybe buying a goal outfit to fit into once you loose the rest? It seems to motivate a lot of Biggest loser peeps. I kept a pair of jeans from my skinny days and my goal was to fit into those. Once I did I cried! Everyone has a different motivation though, you just need to find out what yours is.

  8. I'm in the same boat. I've been struggling with my last 10 lbs. since Jan. And that's to reach my "high end" of my goal, which isn't really where I wanted to be. But, it's taken me almost 2 yrs to get this 70 lbs. off and I'm not ready to quit yet! I say just keep on trying and eventually, it will all come together. Or at least that's what I'm hoping for.... ;P


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