Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday - Team Black!

Today is the first weigh in results for the new challenge at The Sisterhood.
This week I didn't just weigh in for myself, but for my team.

As you know my regular weigh in days are on Saturday and this week (last Saturday) I was down 1 lb. Only 1/2 a pound away from being in the 130's since this week the scale showed a weight of 140.5! Oh how I can't wait to see that number 3.

I'm crossing my fingers this will be the week although must confess that I'm nervous since I haven't been making the best choices so far. I started the week off great running my 5K, but the chocolate birthday cake kind of cancelled that exercise out I'm thinking. Then this week I've wanted nothing but salty and sweet (you know what I'm talking about) which has resulted in peanut butter crackers and m&m's. Not good!

The great thing about Weigh in Wednesday is that it usually ends up being a confessional post for me and then I'm ready to get back on track the next day. So now that I've put it out there it's time for some changes.

The first change...NO MORE SCHOOL as today is my last day and as of 3:30pm today I am officially on summer vacation. No more excuses of being to tired for exercise. I have lots planned to keep me moving and I'm looking forward to being home to make some healthy lunches. I'm even kicking off summer vacation by taking the kiddos to a local zoo so I'll get my walk in right off the bat.

Are you part of The Sisterhood? Attempting to Lose weight? Trying to exercise more?
Tell was your week?


  1. Have a super last day of school Mel!!!! WOO HOOO:)
    I don't know why I kind of forgot about the sisterhood :( Maybe I'll join again in the next challenge...
    You are doing so well, it's ok to have a day of 'indulgence' sometimes - it's good that you are 'sharing it and moving on', that's the right attitude! :)
    You are so close to goal!!!

  2. Hope your last day of school is GREAT!

    Congrats on your loss! I'm so close to the 130s I can taste it, and I can't wait to get there either. How exciting!!

    Good luck this week!

  3. Yay!! good job! Go team black!!

  4. great job on the pound lost - and i'm sure you'll get to the 130s next week!

  5. You are RIGHT THERE! I know you'll be in the 130s VERY SOON!! Great job! Go TEAM BLACK!

  6. had a busy and accomplished week! Good luck getting to the 130's....that's how I feel about the 150's. I'm so over them!


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