Monday, March 2, 2009


This is one of my favorite songs on XM Kids, but I hadn't seen the video until Shannon shared it over at her place. Everytime I heard it on the radio I was amazed by the woman singing it. How creative to get all of our phrases in one song. Maybe I could just play it all day and keep my mouth shut!!

Now I need somebody to come up with the "teacher song"!


  1. I love this song. I posted it on my blog a few weeks ago too. It still makes me laugh!

  2. I wasn't sure that was the original song done by Anita Renfro, but when I tried to look it up I found a kid's version that was pretty funny but the audio was pretty bad. :(

    The version that you posted had more inflection in her words.

    What I love is the Dadsense version. it's a hoot!

  3. that had me laughing until i cried!

    i wonder if that is how i sound to my kids? just a list of commands? i do hope that at the end of the day, my kids have more to take away than all of the instructions i give them all day long...something to think about.

  4. I love that video! I haven't seen it in awhile but it still make me laugh!

  5. I had to borrow this for my facebook page...I SO feel like this right now!! I love snow days, but they don't always bring out the best in my kids! :)


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