Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good News A Little Late

I completely forgot to tell you the good news about this weeks weigh in. Thank goodness the ladies over at Shrinking Jeans reminded me about our first weigh in for the new challenge.

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Look, Look!

WEEK 9 / -1.5 / -7lb

I can't even believe that I loss 1.5 pounds this week. I was floored! Especially considering that a couple days before weigh in I wrote this (which by the way a huge thanks and big hugs to everybody who left a comment...I needed to hear you all!!)

I can't really say I changed much to my eating. I was talking to my school nurse the other day about how frustrated I was feeling after working so hard and not losing anything. After I told her what I was eating, she mentioned maybe cutting out bananas. She heard that bananas are one of the worse fruits to eat on a diet. Well considering I was eating at least one banana a day I thought it couldn't hurt to see. So that may have contributed.

Measuring and weighing everything has also been something I've been trying to stick to. After consistently measuring all week, I discovered that I wasn't under counting, but actually over counting my points. What I thought was 1 c. was more like a 1/2-3/4! I'm wondering now if with the increased running and the decreased portions, tricked my body into thinking it was starving. As if, but I have heard this happens.

I have two more days left before my official weigh in. I was down .4 at my weigh in meeting tonight, but I don't rely on them for my official weigh since they are at night and the clothes I wear are always different. I like my morning, nekkid weigh ins thank you. No excuses there. What you weigh is what you weigh!

Anyways we
will see how it goes!
What about you? Good week? Bad week?

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  1. YAY!!! Congratulations ;)

    Now you tell me about bananas, I had one for snack today. I almost never eat the things, but though hey, why not? Guess my first instinct was a good one, LOL!

  2. Yay on your 1.5! That's great.

    and I heard that about bananas too. bummer.

  3. That's great! I do think if you are running, you may need extra calories, so make sure you're getting enough to eat. Excited to see what happens for you tomorrow! I have to double-check, but think I just stayed the same this week. I need to be more motivated!

  4. Woo hoo!! I still think it was shoveling the driveway that did the trick. ;^)

  5. Congrats! And WOW for all the running!!! impressive!!! Remember not so long ago, your one friend invited you to a run in NY, and you had to decline? Now you're a runner!!! You did it!!! You rock girl!!! :)

    So glad you mentioned the banana thing, I think I'll try avoiding them or eating less anyway - I too have one every day, sometimes 2... We'll see if that helps! Thank you!

  6. Glad to hear that about bananas... I too eat them pretty often during the week. Have to change that up I guess. I am down 0.6 lb -- and that is with eating WAY too much chocolate too!


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