Sunday, February 8

Sunday Linkage

I'd love to be able to share some of the awesome posts I've read this week, but truth be told I didn't really read hardly any blogs this past week. I had late nights at work and just wasn't too much in a bloggy mood. More of a "must get sleep" mood!

However, if linkage is what you want. Linkage is what I'll deliver.
Over there in my side bar you will see a link titled "Sweet Reads." Guess what? It is full of my favorite blogs that stuff my reader and I visit pretty much daily (well except for this past week obviously!) I highly recommend them all and hope that you will pick one or two to go visit today.

Are you a regular lurker, but want me to read your blog and add you to my blogroll? Leave me your URL and I'll be happy to come visit and trade some linky love.

Happy blog surfing!!

3 Thoughts from you all...:

Amy said...

I'm bias... but I think my blog is a sweet read! :)

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Thanks for the linky love. Love the name of your blogroll page.

Andrea Baker said...

I have been a reader since the bloggy giveaway. I am really enjoying your blog. thank you.

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