Monday, January 5, 2009

Cupcakes for Teacher

It's amazing how many cupcakes make their way to my classroom throughout the year. So many students + so many birthdays = many sweet treats. Not only do I get one from each of my own students, my old students will often bring one by, and I'm flattered that other random students drop in to tempt me with their cupcakes too.

Now I have politely declined many cupcakes throughout my years of teaching and will even admit that I have accepted some to then place it in the trash can after the bell rang (hey, you never know what may be in some of those cupcakes).

But on the first day back to school after two weeks of vacation?
You bet I'll take that cupcake and enjoy every single bite.
Somebody give that girl (who's name I don't know) an A++ because she just made this teachers day!!


  1. Never really looked at all the cupcakes a teacher must see in her lifetime.. ahahaha...

    And high five to cupcakes after a long vacation break

  2. I imagine you accepting every cupcake and taking one small bite then putting the rest in the trash. But I guess even that might be too much.

    course I also imagine that if it has been a particularly rough day that you might inhale the entire cupcake in one bite. ;)

  3. I'm so with you sista!! I accepted the cookie as well as the brownie already this week... bad bad Erinn! :) I can't help it tho!!


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