Monday, December 1, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho I've a lot to do!

It's December 1st today!
That means only 25 days until Christmas!!
Which means its time for me to post my Christmas To Do List.
It's quite the list too perhaps even rivaling Santa's Naughty and Nice one.

Christmas To Do List
  1. Play Christmas music
  2. Get Mistletoe Candle
  3. Download Christmas ringtones
  4. Get decorations from the attic Thanks Babe!!
  5. Decorate house
  6. Put icicle lights on the roof
  7. Put up snowglobe
  8. Decorate bushes and deck
  9. Buy a new Christmas rug for front door
  10. Cut down tree
  11. Decorate tree
  12. Decorate house
  13. Remember to move the dang Shelf Elf every night IN PROGRESS
  14. Christmas shopping IN PROGRESS
  15. Bake Christmas Cookies
  16. Winterfest of Lights in Ocean City
  17. Drive around to look at lights
  18. Swap ornaments with two bloggers
  19. Dress up my blog for the holidays
  20. Plan Christmas Dinner
  21. Make Christmas ornaments
  22. Participate in Cookie Swap
  23. 3 holiday parties - make an appetizer to take to two
  24. Participate in BooMama's Tour of Christmas Homes
  25. Continue to add things to my Christmas To Do List as I progress through the most wonderful time of the year!
Of course this will all be done as I continue to teach my 20 third graders who are just as excited about Christmas as I am, but don't have as much practice containing their excitement. I am also working with them on an evening holiday performance where the families come in to watch skits, sing carols, and enjoy cookies and hot chocolate, which is enough to drive any teacher insane. Of course there is also holiday assembly's, parties, movies...

Wow. Maybe I shouldn't have written all that down. Now I'm feeling behind already and slightly overwhelmed.

Oh and did I mention that Dylan's 8th birthday is next Monday? We are having a kid party on Friday, family dinner on Saturday, and then taking him out for his birthday on the actual day. Lucky kid. Three celebrations! That's okay though cause he is one special little guy.

What's on your Christmas/December To Do List??


  1. I haven't even started my Christmas/December to do list... although I did switch over the calendars this morning in the office. I still need to do the kitchen.
    I keep up this month and next month's I had to grab a 2009 calendar. YIKES!

    I should start my list.

  2. I think I am done with my Christmas To-Do list... wait I take that back. I haven't put up my snowman decor yet... but I am seriously thinking about selling it LOL!

  3. All i know is I'm not done shopping and I need to make 4 doz cookies for a swap Thursday night. That's as far as I've gotten! : )

  4. Christmas ringtones! How cool. Where do you get them??

    I have to write a to do list. Great idea. I love Christmas time so much. Only problem is that I haven't put up my tree yet. I was sick all weekend and OF COURSE hubby didn't get it down! :( Hopefully tomorrow. :)


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