Thursday, November 6, 2008

I LOATHE 1/2 Days

Please tell me why anybody who has ever worked with kids or in schools would ever create a half day of school?

The kids are so wound up that I waste half the time repeating everything twice or three times. We eat lunch at 10:30. The rest of the time I'm running around like a madwoman trying to get as much as I can in 2 hours, don't forget while I'm repeating everything multiple times.

Honestly, is it really worth it?

I swear a half day can feel like a day and a half sometimes.

Snow days and the day before holiday breaks...not better, but at least I'm excited about those too!!!


  1. Opps, I like half days!

  2. I hate half days, but then, our half days involve an afternoon full of meetings. It is cruel to make teachers sit quietly in meetings. We just aren't good at it!

  3. I like half days too! We eat lunch at like 10:45 but I enjoy having lunch with my teammates and having quiet to get grading done or cleaning up or stuff like that... I like the time without the kiddos.

  4. When I was teaching I didn't even bother to try and plan anything on half days---it's basically just a babysitting day b/c the kids are crazy. I feel your pain, sister!

  5. I loved half days when I was a kid. It was like Christmas, waiting with bated breath for the bell to ring. LOL


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