Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Linkage

I didn't really plan on having a theme for this week's linkage, but after recording my three I guess you could kind of lump them into a parenting, mom, love our kids, kind of theme!
  1. Nell shared that this month is Attachment Parenting Month and what that means to her. I like how she describes what being an Attachment Mom means for her and her boys as she follows their lead. I wholeheartedly agree with her statement that, "’s all about doing what is best for each child and not necessarily what you believe is right for you." See what else she has to say!
  2. Erin shares what being a mom means to her for what it's worth. I was able to relate to her on many levels. Do you?
  3. Melissa is getting it down: 31 to 21. In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month she is attempting to post every day. You can see lots of pictures of her adorable little girl and her cute big brother too. Go on over and keep her company as she makes a difference!

I hope you can take some time to go visit and hear what the women above have to share. Don't forget to tell them Mel sent you!! Enjoy.


  1. My family's going on the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome next week -- our best friends have a son with Downs. Buddy walks are great fun -- try one if you get a chance!


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