Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - Recycling!

My family has decided to take the plunge and help save our environment. Just call us the Incredible's 2.
I felt kind of guilty last year when Dylan came home and reprimanded me for not recycling after he learned all about it at school. I'm sure I came up with some lie great excuse for why we didn't recycle, but the more I thought about it the more I questioned why we really didn't. Here's what I came up with...
  • Didn't want to have to clean out dirty containers
  • Didn't want to have to sort plastic, paper, and glass
  • Didn't have the room to sort all the plastic, paper, and glass
  • Didn't have time to drive to the recycle center to drop off the sorted trash
Then I heard about Delaware's new Curbside Recycle Program. For $6 a month they will drop of a recycle trash bin at your house and pick it up every other week. The best part. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SORT THE TRASH! Sorry didn't mean to yell, but honestly that is what finally sold me.

Where our regular trashbin was usually overflowing by pick up day, sometimes even requiring a second can, it now looks like this

Yes, it only has two bags in it. And our recycle can looks more like this

Yep, it's almost filled to the top. Can you believe all the trash we were sending to the dump that could have been recycled?

Saving the world is so worth it!!

Visit me tomorrow for Works for Me Wednesday as I share how I collect my recycables and to see what everybody else is tackling don't forget to visit 5minutesformom.


  1. Great tackle! I need to recycle more myself. :) I'm de-cluttering my store & blog. Pop over for a look.

    Confessions of an Apron Queen

  2. Excellent tackle. We recycle as well but they don't give us a great big bin like that.That's great!

  3. Super tackle! My family is slowly starting to recycle too!

  4. I might recycle more w/ a bin like that. That is too great!

  5. We don't have to sort in AZ either. I love how easy it is! On the other hand, my mom was sorting in Colorado and paying a company to pick it up, turns out after a big investigation that they were dumping it at the dump with all the regular trash.

  6. Where we used to live, we had curbside recylcing - it was AWESOME!! But I know that that is no excuse for not doing it now. All I need to do get 3 plastic bins for under my sink and I'll be recycling too!

  7. I wish someone would come get my recycling...AND sort it! That's an awesome service!


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