Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - The Phone Company

We are big cell phone users. We have lots of minutes, unlimited texting, and most of our family is IN the network so calling long distance is free. So I began asking myself why we still had a land line? Caller ID was hooked up on the house phone and we found ourselves constantly not answering because it was an unknown name or some advertising/charity/political call. After looking over the latest bill I decided to disconnect the home number. I mean, if we could save $30-$40 a month, why not?

Now the tricky thing I new was going to be that our DSL line was attached to the landline and I wasn't sure if we would be able to cancel our phone, but keep DSL. I was not about to give up my DSL so that would be the deal breaker. When I got through, the lady assured me this was possible and instead of a dial tone phone I would have a data only line. My DSL would even cost about $5 less a month. Terrific. Sign me up. She took care of everything and I'm thrilled. Then I ask if it would be possible to have a recording on my phone to let people know the numbers had changed. She told me she would have to connect me with with another department, but she was sure they could. So could I hold...

Holding...holding...holding and after about 10 minutes I got somebody else. When I told her what I wanted to do, she asked me who our new phone provider was going to be. I explained we weren't getting a new phone line, but rather cancelling the land line all together. It seems that according to her records somebody had already (as in before I called that day) cancelled our phone line and said we were switching providers. I figured it was lady I just spoke to switching, but this person was adamant that whoever called, called before me. When I asked her how this could be she didn't have an answer saying that "The account was pending so she couldn't see anything." So I question her again, "What you are telling me is if I didn't by some fluke chance call today to cancel, my phone line would have been disconnected anyway." Yep, that's what she meant. Uh, isn't that illegal? So after getting nowhere I asked to speak to a supervisor. Of course, none were available, but they would call me right back.

Yeah, 8 days later still no phone call. The other suggestion was to call back on Monday when the order was complete and then they could tell me who my new provider would be. Meanwhile I got a very detailed email explaining the changes I had made that day and it looked like everything was in order.

So I was off to wait.

Forward to Monday when I could call to see what the heck was up with the phone line.

I checked the phone in the morning, no dial tone.


Got online to find DSL working just fine.


Received an email saying that everything was complete.


Went to call to see what their orders were showing and try to get that recorded message.


No exaggeration.

I was using my precious cell phone minutes at this point so believe me I know how many minutes it took. I finally gave up. Oh well anybody who is important will find us somehow I suppose and when I get my next bill I can always call then if things are wacky.

But just so you know. In the time it takes to try to talk to somebody at my local phone company line you can:

  • Take out the garbage

  • Make and drink two cups of coffee

  • Make and feed two kids their breakfast

  • Start a load of laundry

  • Fold a load of laundry

  • Load the dishwasher

  • Clear out your inbox

  • Write a blog post

Actually a very productive morning, considering. I was even beginning to think I could have sneaked in a shower. Which I'm sure I could have if I hadn't hung up. Honestly, you would think a phone company would be able to develop some kind of system so you weren't on hold for so freakin' long! I'm just sayin'!


  1. You're right, that's ridiculous. It's funny, we never answer our house phone either. We don't even look up when it rings, it's got to be for one of the kids or a sales call cause everyone calls our cells, even kids friends call their cells. I never thought of getting rid of it though, maybe...

  2. its verizon, right?
    i was on hold wit them for over an hour recently just to change my credit card that was automatically charged for my bill every month. they just kept transfering me here and there and it was SOOOO annoying.
    the irresposible part of me wanted to just hang up and wait for them to call me when the bills stopped being paid!

  3. I hear you! one more than one occasion I have had this happen to me too. We have considered cancelling our land line too but get poor reception in this bottom level apartment on my cell phone. oh well!

  4. Don't get me started. I spent WAY too much time on hold and on the phone with Verizon to figure out our Fios mess earlier tihs year.

  5. Ugh....that's why I dumped them completely and went with cable. Completely awful. One time I was talking to a woman, after holding for like ever. In the middle of our conversation we got disconnected. I called back....only to find out they were closed. Can you believe it....that lady hung up on me just so she could go home!

  6. I would love to do something to consolidate, streamline or whatever our phone, tv and internet service...but just the thought of speaking to any of them gives me angst...

    It is amazing how long you were on hold!



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