Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some Stat Advice

I use Google Reader to keep track of all my fave blogs and love it. The Reader is easy to use, easy to organize, and reading the blogs painless. One thing I have wondered is do you think it is beneficial for you, as a blog author, to have short or full posts available in readers?

As a reader, I enjoy being able to just go to one place and read the posts. If I find something I want to comment on then I click over and say what I want to say. If I don't have anything to say then I go on to the next blog. It works! I must also admit to sometimes just marking an item as "read" if it only has a short snapshot and I don't want to click over because I'm feeling lazy. Just trying to be honest.

As a blog author though, is it more beneficial to have short posts enabled for readers in order to get more people to visit my blog? Currently, I have full posts enabled, but I wonder if I would notice an increase in traffic if I use short ones. I believe feed burner is tracking how many people subscribe to my feed, but I don't think they are tracked if they just read from their reader.

So what do you prefer? As a reader? As a blog author? If you read blogs in a reader do you find yourself clicking on the blogs with short excerpts or like me to do you sometimes cheat and mark them as read. Be honest!


  1. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't know why we have to be stat wh*res (pardon my blutness), ya know? (feel free to delete if it offends)

    BUT, if you're looking to IMPROVE stats, look at WHAT you're writing vs. adding jumps and shortening content in your feed.

    I think calls to action and making people visit to comment drive people to your site more than making them click through to read.

    There's nothing more frustrating than following a jump for content that isn't relevant to you.

    Just sayin'

  2. I feel exactly the same as you do on this. As a reader I want the entire article in my Google Reader. But as an author I want everyone to click over so my stat counts go up, even though I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter how many people read my blog I keep blogging for myself not the world.

  3. As a reader, I prefer seeing the whole post in my reader. If a blog only has a partial feed, I find myself waiting until they have 5 or 6 new posts before clicking through.

    So as blog author, I have to remind myself of my reasons for blogging. Yes, I love getting comments and seeing my stats go up. I want people to read what I write. BUT I don't let those things drive me. I want people to join in the conversation on their terms, not mine.

  4. I just go to my favorite blogs . You just never know what you will find. Plus I love to leave comments since I love to recieve them!

  5. I too use Google Reader and I like the entire post to be included. I have to admit that if it's only a snippet, I rarely click through.

    As an author....I don't know. I think if what you have written is interesting, the reader will click through to comment.

  6. @ Marie....HA! Hoo HA! "stat wh*res"....I'm making a t-shirt with that on it!
    Anyway...I'm just new to this whole "feed" crappola. Even though I have it available for peeps to subscribe to my "feed", I still go to each and every blog I like and read from there.
    Do what makes you happy, my child.

  7. I agree with Jdnn. I don't use a reader, I just follow blogs I'm interested in and find new blogs by default.

  8. have I never really thought about this?

    As a reader, I prefer to see the whole post in Bloglines. And I suppose I often don't click through if I don't feel I have the time. So I guess I would want to do the same for my readers, despite the fact that it might mean less people actually come to the site. I have tried to be better about going to people's blogs anyway since so many have ads up...

  9. I use Bloglines and I definitely like to have the whole post. I often do not click through to read the post if there are only a few lines displayed. It really bothers me, though, when a blogger only enables the title of a post to be seen. That makes me not want to click through even more, for some reason. To be honest, I usually just delete those blogs from my reader.

  10. I've found that having my short posts in the feed I do have more traffic. I read through bloglines and always click to the blog even if they are in full post because I know what it does for stats and usually want to leave a comment anyway!


  11. as a reader, i prefer the full post in my google reader. i generally click thru and reply to a few posts at at time. but i will do maybe 3 blogs at a time (when i'm in the replying mood). sometimes i just read and go back. i hate clicking over to finish a short feed.
    mine are on full feed. as i love the comments (which i get few of), maybe i ought to change to short feed and see if i get more comments that way.
    interesting discussion point :)

  12. I use full feeds. I figure not that many people will click through, I know I often don't. So the numbers are lower on my blog page, yeah. I am ok with that, if I give the readers what they want.

    I have heard concerns about content being stolen through feeds, but really, couldn't it be stolen anywhere?


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