Saturday, July 5, 2008

Partying Till the Rain Came

The 4th of July is one my favorite holidays. There is just something about the parades, barbecues, and fireworks. I know some people are blase about fireworks and can go without seeing them, but I am not one of those people. I love fireworks and look forward to them every year.

Yesterday was another fun fourth. The only thing that wasn't fun is that, like every other 4th, hubby had to work. It stinks that he misses all the fun. Although honestly he probably could do without the parade and tourists at the beach and I could do without his groaning and moaning about the parade and the tourists at the beach so maybe I should look at his working as a blessing in disguise. Anyways, the kids and I headed into Bethany for the local parade. We went a bit early so we could stake out our corner and then we enjoyed a breakfast at the diner and walk on the beach. When it was parade time we headed back to our spot and watched all the politicians, restaurants, local bands, clowns, and of course loads of candy pass us by. Dylan and Zoe always have a blast yelling "candy" at the participants and running in the street to grab it waiting patiently on the side for it to come to them. It was a long parade this year, going for almost an hour and half, but judging from our overflowing bag of candy I would call it a success.

After the parade, we jumped in the truck and drove over tourists slowly made our way out of town to the next part of our celebration. We were invited to a friend's parents house for an afternoon of food and fun. Wow, can this woman cook!! There was so much yummy stuff I think I ate more than I had eaten all week. Even Dylan who is usually touch and go when it comes to eating was giddily, jumping up and down in front of the table as he was deciding what to fill his plate with. Honestly, you would have thought I never cooked a homemade meal maybe you would have been right, but still... There were other kids there too which made it even more fun for me since I am all about being the mom that sits with a drink in hand and watches them from afar. Hubby met us there after work so we were able to eat dinner together. Needless to say we all enjoyed ourselves and look forward to our invite for next year!!

As it was getting later, we decided to head home to get ready for some fireworks. We actually went with some friends to set up camp on the beach. When we got there we headed straight towards the water and since Dave and Shawn (the friend) thought the tide was going out, set up camp right above the wave line. Then two minutes later we moved camp as they changed their mind and said the the tide was coming in as the wave came over the crest and headed right towards us. We did manage to stay dry! The fireworks were pretty good although we were further away than usual so you didn't get the big BOOM or hear them fizzling through the sky. Zoe was much more entertained with her lightstick though, tossing it in the air, spinning it on her arm, and burying it in the sand. As the fireworks began so did the raindrops, but hey we were on the beach, why not get a little wet. Then towards the end of the show the lightening really kicked up, but hey we were on the beach...yeah, probably not the greatest place to be with lightening. We made it through the show though and hightailed it to the car just in time for the rain to pour. And did it ever pour. We felt sorry for the poor people we watched from our dry truck walking in the pouring rain.
After waiting a few seconds, minutes, hours, to get back home through the traffic we finally made it and had a wee bit of Wii time before we bid our friends a good night.

Finally we put on the pj's, said the good-nights, and bid goodbye to another 4th of July. I was thoroughly exhausted and ready for a long night's sleep. Even with the dog sleeping on top of me because it was storming!!

So how was your 4th of July??


  1. The 4th is one of my favorite holidays too!

  2. Happy belated 4th to you! it looks like you had a great time. Love the headband ears you have on! ha!ha!
    There's just something about the 4th of July......

  3. You did have a good 4th, didn't you? You're a much better Mom than I am...Erik had to work, too, so we just stayed home and went in our pool. It didn't even feel like a holiday with Erik not with us. We tried to see the Dover fireworks, but when it started storming we left. They still had them!!! I was mad! It seemed irresponsible to have them in the thunder and lightening. We caught the end of the Smyrna fireworks from Chloe's bedroom window! Better than nothing!

  4. That sounds like a great day. We are away so didn't have a traditional 4th. I loved hearing about yours.

  5. oooooh, nothing better than a 4th at the beach! I LOVE THE 4th!!! something about the summer air and all those fireworks! i'm with you...can't go a year without seeing them - it'd be like a year without a santa claus! :)

  6. Hey,
    Missed you on the 4th...Kylie was not feeling well...So...Super fun 4th. But, with family together, it was still nice...Miss yah!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sounds like you dodged the rain! A friend who was in Rehoboth said they cancelled the fireworks there b/c of the rain.


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