Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Moment of Silence

According to Fox News the world's oldest blogger died this past Saturday!

Olive Riley made her final blog post on June 26th at the age of 108. She was born in 1899, and used her blog to share tales of growing up in the early 20th century. She began writing her blog — or "blob" as she called it — in February 2007, and her great-grandson Darren Stone said she "enjoyed the notoriety — it kept her mind fresh." "What kept her going was the memories she had, and being able to recall those memories so strongly," Stone told news.com.au. In her last entry, Riley told friends that she still felt "weak, and can't shake off that bad cough. Eric read a whole swag of email messages and comments from my Internet friends today, and I was so pleased to hear from you. Thank you, one and all."

While some complain how technology is not easy to use for older generations, it is refreshing to see that some are embracing and applying it in their lives. One of the reasons that I blog is to record some of the memories that my family and I are making right now so when I'm 100-and-some I can recall them just like Ms. Riley did. It was neat to hear Ms. Riley also thanking her blogging buddies for all the comments. As a blogger, we often comment about the importance of comments and she enjoyed them just as much as we all do.

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  1. I saw this and thought that story was too precious. I love her name, too.



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