Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blogging Pet Peeves

Countdown of my

Top 5 Blogging Pet Peeves

5 - Music that automatically plays! I'm glad you enjoy your music and while I'm a music fan myself I don't really care to be blasted when coming to visit your blog. Will I unsubscribe because you have music? Of course not, if I really, really like you, but rather I'll just whine a bit here!

4 - One loooong paragraph posts. Can you break it up a little? I don't mind if you have a lot to say cause goodness knows I do at times, but putting everything in one big ol' paragraph gets kind of old. Try breaking it down into shorter paragraphs or even bullets or for some extra fun add some pictures here or there. I can even handle one paragraph for some posts just don't do it for every. single. one.

3 - No visuals. I am a picture person. I choose my books based on pictures. Really I don't, but I used to. I do like to have visuals of what you are talking about even if it is just a Google Image that goes along with your topic. Give me something to look at and I'll be your fan forever.

2 - Lurkers. I admit it, I'm a stataddict and routinely check them out. Even posted about it a few days ago. I've noticed an increase in traffic lately and am thrilled. However, I'm also dissapointed that so many are hiding out there not taking the time to say hello. I get that you may not have something to say about every one of my posts, but there must be something you enjoy to keep you coming back. So de-lurk, say hello, I just love meeting new people! (Oh and don't worry about my next peeve cause if you are a new commenter, I'll give you a break...just don't let it happen twice!!)

1 - Seeing "No reply - blogger comment" when I try to reply to your comment! I am excited that something I wrote made you want to comment and I would like to be able to personally thank you or respond to your comment. I absolutely loathe when I cannot just hit reply to talk back to you.'re not sure if your email is displayed or not? Don't worry I wrote just the thing for you to check and see if I can email you!

Now it is your turn! What is something that drives you crazy when you are out in the Blogosphere? Better yet, what is something that drives you crazy about "A Box of Chocolates"? Don't worry, I'm a big girl, I can take the criticism...or at least be big enough to not let you see me rolling my eyes and sticking out my tongue!!


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  2. Because I can't spell worth crap today I had to re-do my comment.

    #5 preach it sistah!

    #4 OMG I give up when I see a long paragraph. I lost way too many brain cells in college to take on THAT many words in a 3 foot long paragraph.

    #3 I can take it or leave it depending on the article.

    #2 I lurves me some commenters.

    #1 Fine, you win. I did it just for you. *tapping foot, waiting for e-mail from Mel*

  3. Hey Mel. The first peeve that comes to mind are some of the Mom blogs that are so weirdly fake you can just feel it oozing from your laptop. We all have bad days, can't stand our kids, want to run off to the Bahamas and not tell anyone now and then... but there are some women who, I don't know...are either on happy pills all day, or are too afraid to just give us the real deal!
    And...I have NOTHING to tell you to change!!! Except find a way to have a piece of chocolate pop out of my dvd port in my laptop when I come on your blog. I always see your banner, then I'm craving chocolate!
    BTW: Congrats to you, too, for Alltop! Your post made me go look, and I thought why not? I didn't know how exclusive it is or not. Do you know?
    Hope you're having a superb weekend!

  4. Am I one of these "no reply" people? I don't think so, but you've written about this before and I'm so afraid of your wrath:)

    My peeve is the blogger blogs that have it set up so that you can't comment and link to your blog without it being in blogger or one of the others. I think it has something to do with not allowing anonymous comments, but somehow some don't an option down there, see below, where there is a name/url choice? They don't all have that. And it means that for those of us who have our own host sites we can't link back. It's annoying.

  5. I'm annoyed with auto-music too! Especially when I'm surfing in the middle of the night :P

  6. love this post. you rock! thank you thank you thank you. the music on a blog is SOOO annoying. especially for those of us lucky enough to magically get both kids to nap at the same time and then the laptop wakes them up from a blaring blog!
    and yeah the whole lurking thing.... i have 100's who lurk and i am just dying for more people to comment. someday! and i fear your wrath on comments too... i think i put in all my info?

  7. These are good - I always like to see them. I think I am doing OK on these.

    I don't have much in the way of pet peeves yet, but I do love it when people comment.

  8. P.S. - I have an award for you on my blog!

  9. I'm relatively new to your blog, but I REALLY try not to lurk, because I love comments too! I always say "do unto others..." If I want comments, that means I must give comments.

    One pet peeve I have is when I leave a comment on a new-to-me blog and I never get any acknowledgement of that comment. Like an e-mail saying "thanks," or a reciprocal comment on my blog. I try to visit or e-mail when someone is new to my blog, just to say thanks. Again applying the golden rule.

  10. I think I am to new to the blogoshpere to have a ny pet peeves.

    5. well I have music sorry but I keep my volume down so it never bothers me if I hate the music you play.

    4. Yeah your talking about me:( sorry but your a teacher so maybe it a requirement.

    3.I love pictures but if the blogger is funny and I enjoy reading it I get my own visuals and they might be better than the real thing!

    2.Well I tend to leave you a message even if it is a long paragraph.;)

    1. Well I think I set my blog up the right way . I hope so.

    I guess as a admitted offender I should say Frankly I just never thought about it so thanks for putting it out there.

  11. Hi Mel!

    Ha ha! The music on people's pages... I am a TV editor, so I have huge professional speakers on my system, for client screenings and such...
    If I get distracted a bit and want to take a small break to read one of my favorite blogs and forget that there's music on it and don't turn down the volume... let's just say every body on my floor knows instantly that I am not working :)

    So that would be a big pet peeve for me too!!

    I like the ones with visuals and pictures too...

  12. Don't mind me. I'm not really here. I'm just lurking today.

    Oh, shoot! This is a COMMENT which means I'm not a lurker any more. (not that I was a lurker in the first place. I love ya too much and will feed you a bunch of comment crack just to keep you writing more and more to distract me from getting any real work done ;)

  13. Ok, I'm back because I have another. I hate it when blog writers write in a way that discludes new readers. Like, when you go to a site and the post that is up is referencing stuff that they have clearly talked about before, but they haven't linked to those posts and you just have no idea what is going on. I. HATE. THAT.

  14. I agree with everything!
    Especially the auto music thing...when you are trying to read at work it can really screw you up!

  15. When commenting in a pop up window & the window doesn't expand(like this one) & there is no ownership of the window(like this one) & I forget to comment right away & I FORGET where I am & there is no way to KNOW where I am. I THINK I know where I am from the comments, but not sure.

    I KEEP my audio muted at all times.

  16. Good list! Though, that dog thing at the top is kind of scary looking. Why is he green? Is he an alien? a monster? What?

  17. It's like I got into your head and wrote this list!

  18. Hi Mel you know my thoughts about this..

    no long paragraphs. * I'm gone*
    I do love comments

  19. Mucha betta ! comment a whole window !!

    The anonymous comment box is right up there with long paragraphs or not having your profile enabled or ....

  20. Okay.. I will have a sip of the Hater-aid!

    My pet peeves are overuse of LOL...
    Not everything is LOL.

    Political rants

    More than 1 MEME post in a week.

    All family and that is it posts just bore me and I won't visit very often.

    Spelling errors.

  21. i'm guilty of not always including a visual. but somedays the closest i get to blogging is emailing in a post (and so no image) = mute (like myspace pages, makes me nuts)....
    and the pop out comment boxes with word verif AND moderated comments....what's that about?
    the no reply blogger makes me insane, cos i reply via email to anyone whose email i have. other wise, i rarely get back to my own blog comments to post a reply...
    now about that chocolate that pops out when i visit your blog....;)


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