Friday, June 20, 2008

To Review or Not to Review?

It seems lately my inbox is receiving more and more inquiries into my reviewing of people and company's products. Just this week, I've received a request to blog about a musical artist, a new book, a resort, and some other odds and ends products. Now I know some of you bloggers out there do reviews and have began a second or third blog dedicated to just reviews.

So here is my question or shall I say questions...

Do you all hate it when there are reviews on a mommy blog? Would you prefer that the reviews are done at a different blog? What if I promised to not have more than one or two reviews a week?

I've been toying with the idea of maybe starting a second blog, (A Box of Chocolates Reviews) but I've been working so hard on this blog that I am not sure I want the pressure of another blog. I also wonder if I would get bored with reviews after awhile...although if it turned into money making opportunities who would I be to turn them down!!

Okay...give it to me straight. Reviews on A Box of Chocolates or reviews on a review blog?


  1. hey -- it's your blog! :) As a reader who comes here from a "mommy blog" viewpoint, though, I'd probably be most interested in reviews that are relevant to the subject area you blog about the most: kids, family, etc.

  2. I get asked to review and try things all of the time.

    Seriously - ALL OF THE TIME.

    I only choose things that FIT my audience and my topics.

    If they aren't about health, weight loss related or exercise, they get the boot.

    Asking me to try a teeth whitening product or feminine hygenine products are pointless and would turn off readers.

    Know who comes and reads and know what YOU like.

  3. I would prefer it on a different blog, personally, BUT I know how time consuming it is to keep up ONE blog let alone two... so I'm going to be fickle and say, you could go either way! Sorry, I'm no help, but I love reading your blog!

  4. I also prefer them on a separate blog, or even as a sideblog. However, if they apply to your audience, then I think it would be great to hear a mom's perspective.

  5. You know, I don't always read the reviews but it certainly doesn't bother me as long as it's in moderation. Of course, it IS your blog! ;)

  6. I have been receiving requests too. I ask to 1 see the product and 2. get an extra for a giveaway. I figure make it exciting for my readers!

  7. Thanks for all the opinions! I know it is my blog, but I do enjoy my readers and really enjoy their comments too so I want to make my blog enjoyable for you all too. I really like Marie's advice to make sure my ad's are applicable for me and my readers. So I've said no to a few, but I look forward to finding somethings to share with you all!!

  8. The best is yet unwritten6/20/08, 9:26 PM

    This is my first visit to your blog and I think its great. I agree that the kids and family friendly products might work best but then again something solely for a woman might be nice every once in a while. I am new to blogging but have high hopes that I can make it work for me in some capacity. Blogging is like a form of therapy and seems to be habit forming to say the least.So my final answer is keep only one blog I am a big girl I can skip reading something if its not my cup of tea. Just be sure to entertain me with another post that same day!

  9. Mel, I don't do reviews, personally. It is a choice I have made, I feel like it interferes with my writing. And there are few things I hate more than reading a post and realizing it is a sponsored post. That really irks me. I feel like I do when I go to the movies, pay my $10 and then have to sit through commercials at the theatre. I feel cheated. I know not everyone feels that way, but I do.

    That being said, it is your blog, and if you find products that fit with your lifestyle and your readers, and you can review them honestly, it is certainly your choice to do so. I won't stop reading your blog if you do or anything drastic like that.


  10. I am in the process of starting a second blog for reviews.. I think that is the way to go.
    i plan on limiting the family pics and posts and trying to just keep the new blog for reviews and daily musings.

    Good Luck!

    May you get lots of fun swag!


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